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War of Velana is a single player 16-bit RPG that combines world exploration and interaction with an orthographic grid-based tactical battle system. In many ways, War of Velana is a spiritual successor to the Shining Force series on the Sega Genesis. Elements of those games are the core, and combine with some design ideas from Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics to create a new tactical experience. In War of Velana, your characters have static classes and gain a variety of skills and equipment upgrades as you progress through the game. In between combat, you’ll be able to explore and interact with the world around you.

Gameplay Overview

  • Grid-based tactical combat based on unit speed. Each unit moves in Turn Order, rather than Player-vs-Enemy phases.

  • Unit inventories can be managed in and out of combat. Equipping items and even trading them between units is possible and doesn’t count as a turn action.

  • Each class has different magic spells and weapon skills to learn. Though you may find two allies of the same class, each will have unique abilities and different stat growth ranges.

  • When a unit levels up, their HP, SP, and stats increase based on growth ranges for their class. Melee units will focus on Attack, Defense, or Speed growth whereas casters will focus on Magic and Resistance, in most cases.

  • There are many allies, items, and secrets to uncover all over the country of Alta. As you adventure around, you’ll be able to interact with most everything you see, talk to townspeople and visit all sorts of shops.

  • In battle, you’ll have an active party of 8 units to face off against enemies. You can configure your active party before or after combat, but not during.

  • There are many areas around the world where enemies gather. While you’re never required to engage them, you can choose to enter combat and hone your skills or earn some extra gold.

Main Cast

Arnen transp.png


Class: Archer
Age: 18
Hometown: Pell

Arnen is the protagonist of the story and serves as the hunter of the village. He and his friend Krell often hunt in the Karren Forest, northeast of the village. Arnen can shoot enemies from a distance and learns a variety of useful skills.

Krell transp re.png


Class: Warrior
Age: 20
Hometown: Pell

Krell is another Pell native and has started to train with Arnen when he goes out to hunt. He is a capable chef and while aloof at times, his is a loyal and fierce ally. Krell wields axes in battle and learns many different combat skills.

Prym transp.png


Class: Magician
Age: 19
Hometown: Pell

Prym and her sister Pryscilla live in Pell with Arnen and Krell. She left the village a few years ago to train at the Magical Archive in Glasmere, but recently returned. Prym joins the party early on in the adventure as your elemental spell caster.

Dolvis transp.png


Class: Soldier
Age: 22
Hometown: Dellador

Dolvis is a capable swordsman and ends up joining the party as a helping hand when things go awry. He is usually a messenger of sorts between Dellador and the villages near it.

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